Professional Services

Professional Services
Improve customer satisfaction
Optimally leverage your resources for peak performance and customer satisfaction. Cerri is focused on helping you better manage your human resources and resource costs in a competitive industry where your product is your team of resources and your success depends on their performance.

Cerri helps professional service organisations manage their resources in detail including individual rates definition, skill attribution and location management. Executives can easily monitor their resources by tracking time employment and availability, task progress as well repercussions on project budgets, all in real time. With Cerri, delays and diversions from budget can all be monitored in order to identify anything off-track and respond accordingly.

Use Cerri to help you drive resource performance with the necessary productivity tools: teams can easily collaborate and communicate on tasks/deliverables, share and store project documentation, organise their workload by priorities and deadlines and report time effortlessly. By facilitating the workload management of resources, Cerri also makes it easier for stakeholders to monitor their progress and performance.

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