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Tools vs. Solutions

When searching for the right project management solution, companies are often asking themselves: should we use several stand-alone solutions that each focus on a specific problem? Or would we rather rely on a holistic platform that takes into account all aspects of an efficient project? This white papers shows why comprehensive project management solutions are often the better alternative compared to standalone solutions.

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Top 3 Indicators You’re Ready For a PM Tool

A business in its growth stage looking for scalability and to establish processes that can be maintained and sustained over a long and fruitful future, is more than likely, well positioned for a project management solution. For project-centric organizations, there’s no question that a PM tool is necessary for managing demand, resources, time, etc. But for other organizations, the answer isn’t always as clear.

That’s why we decided to conduct an interview with 150 software buyers – to help us identify the top three indicators that a company is ready to upgrade from their current practices, such as using email and excel, to more sophisticated project management systems. This white paper will reveal the three indicators that drive companies to invest in a project management tool.

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Managing Project Expectations

Projects range in size, complexity, duration, resources, stakeholders – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Defining the scope of a given project – what the intended result is, and what’s required to bring it to completion – is not only important, it’s necessary.

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The shift from project-based management to (digital) product-based management

Since the beginning of time, humanity has never ceased to evolve, nor stopped pushing the boundaries of capability, capacity and productivity. Although actual progress was painstakingly slow for centuries on end, it began accelerating incrementally this past century to finally reach the outstanding speed it has achieved today.

The rate of progress is such that change has become the new constant; and with change, comes the need for adaptation. The story behind this white paper reflects just one of these particular adaptations, which, being at the heart of business management is unavoidably changing the core focus of companies striving to adapt to today’s digital realities.

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Project Management and Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Technology

For quite some time, the term has been looming on the horizon of professional and personal success related stories and discussions alike. The debate resting namely in the comparison of the emotional and intelligence quotients, or EQ versus IQ. Bringing rise to the concept that “pure” intelligence or being “book smart” was no longer a sufficient determinant of a person’s success; and what was dubbed as being “street smart” could be of equal of more value in some career paths.

This debate, however, took a twist with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In some ways as if IQ stepped behind AI to better push it forward; turning the debate’s focus on AI versus EI or, more radically, the machine versus the human. Possibly for this reason, the role of emotional intelligence seems stronger now, more than ever; as what it stands for shifts from what we classified as “street smarts” to a somewhat more “humane capacity”.

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