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Workflow Management Software Designed To Fit Your Business Needs
Manage all kinds of processes from simple to complex using Cerri Project’s unique role-based workflow engine.
Workflows mapped to your business processes.
Leverage a flexible setup that lets you customize business language, fields, dashboards, reports, charts, and document templates tailored to your project requirements.
Project Workflows
Design unique request, approval and tracking workflows to capture specific information and standardize the collection of new project requests or ideas across departments or even the entire organization.
Define Your Own Workflow
Easily define workflows to automate the cycles, phase reviews and approvals in compliance with your business processes and organizational standards.
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Document Workflows
Structure workflows to define how documents within a workgroup pass between statuses and participants, according to a predefined set of rules. This includes automatic email notifications and adaptable formulas, enabling the creation of actions, restrictions, and inactions to mirror your organization’s approval process.
Stage Review Support
Access standardized business process workflows adaptable to any approval and gated procedure your organization requires. Cerri Project provides approval workflows specially designed for R&D and New Product Development (NPD), providing full support for scorecards and gates.
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Optimize your business processes with Cerri Project
To complement its powerful reporting and dashboard features, Cerri Project offers a wide range of project management tools to help you maximize ROI and achieve your full productivity potential.
Here are some.
Schott AG
“Thanks to the tool, we succeeded in making IT performance visible and managing our resources and performance. User definable workflows, interfaces to other systems and a web-based user interface as an add-on, helped us decide to use Project as an overall solution.”
Christian Weil,
Head of ITSM-1 Service Support Business Applications
“Thanks to Project, we now have one tool for managing our project data. This allows us to easily share information with our management team, which has created better visibility and an increased knowledge of our accomplishments within the company.”
M. Olivier Hertu,
“Our main reason for selecting Project can be attributed to its user-friendly yet rich interface and powerful reporting capabilities providing us visibility into complex projects, portfolios, resources and issues.”
Sara Saleh,
Planning and Projects Coordinator
“The main reason for selecting Project can be attributed to the first class service delivered by the Project team confirming that we can build a long standing partnership with a trusted advisor, rather than just a transactional supplier/customer relationship. Another big factor in selecting Project is the fact it delivers 90% of what we need today out-of-the-box and has the scalability and flexibility along with its technical team to meet our future needs. In addition, Project’s user-friendly GUI is nice, clean and easy to follow with direct terminology and menu options that can adapt to our business.”
Matt Harrison,
Head of Programmes Service Development
Map your workflows to your business with Cerri Project
Workflow Management FAQ
What is workflow management software?

Workflow management software is a tool designed to streamline and automate business processes for optimal efficiency and productivity. It provides a structured platform that orchestrates the flow of work among individuals and teams, from the start of a task to its completion. The software allows for task allocation, progress tracking, and coordination, ensuring seamless operations and reducing manual efforts. It also offers visualization of workflow patterns, helping to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. In essence, workflow management software like Cerri Project, simplify complex processes, enhance team collaboration, and accelerate project completion times.

What is workflow management in project management?

Workflow management in project management refers to the systematic coordination and organization of tasks within a project from initiation to completion. It involves defining, controlling, and automating a series of tasks or processes to ensure that each step logically follows the previous one and is carried out by the right person or team. Workflow management ensures efficiency, minimizes errors, and enhances transparency, allowing project managers to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and adjust resources as necessary. It ultimately facilitates smoother operations, effective collaboration, and successful delivery of project objectives.

How is document management workflow important?

Document management workflow is vital in project management for several key reasons:


  • Standardization: It ensures consistency by defining standard processes for the creation, review, approval, and distribution of documents. This promotes quality and reliability across all project documentation.
  • Efficiency: It automates the document handling process, reducing manual work, saving time, and increasing the overall productivity of the project team.
  • Collaboration: It enhances teamwork by enabling multiple team members to work on a document concurrently, while avoiding confusion and redundancy.
  • Accountability: It keeps a clear record of who has contributed to a document, when, and why, enhancing traceability and accountability.
  • Compliance: It aids in meeting regulatory requirements for document creation, retention, and audit trails.
  • Resource Management: By reducing the burden of document handling, project team members can focus more on strategic tasks, thereby maximizing resource use.


In sum, an efficient document management workflow, as provided by Cerri Project, is integral to effective project management, streamlining processes, improving communication, and ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.

How can I optimize workflow management in my organization?

In order to maximize your benefit from Cerri Project’s workflow management tools you have different options available to you. 

  • Book a demo with one of our specialists. They will show you how to leverage Cerri Project’s workflow management capabilities to meet the specific requirements of your organization.
  • Check out our help portal.
  • Contact us for more in depth consulting services.
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