Workspace Configuration – Cerri Project

Tailored Workspace Configuration
Configure below-the-surface functions to match the unique requirements of your organization. Maximize ROI with tailored modules and save time.
Modules Setup (OBS)
Flexible modules (databases) allow you to configure a multitude of parameters, fields, and factors to align them with your business style and strategy.
Portfolio Module
Cerri Project’s Portfolio module consolidates data from multiple project databases into comprehensive reports, dashboards, and charts. Tailor it to align with your organization’s tracking and project setup processes. Customization options encompass currencies, budget format, keywords, labels, project ranking, portfolio structure, KPIs, user permissions, stage-gate processes, workflows, templates, and administration.
Resource Module
Define all the basic parameters for your resource management. While setting up Cerri Project, you can define numerous fields and criteria that suit your organization’s needs including work hours, rates, skills, activities, resource types and cost centers. These will offer the base for generating resource availability and approval workflows amongst others.
Timesheet Module
Customize your timesheet procedure to fit your company’s workflow. Choose which resources require timesheet approvals, streamline the approval process, automate specific availabilities, set up expense reporting, associate billable and non-billable rates (e.g., for overtime), and design timesheet and expense templates among other configuration options.
Project Module
Opt for multiple project databases with Cerri Project to segregate information across divisions. It allows individual configuration of key parameters per database to cater to distinct departmental needs. You can customize aspects like workload, working hours, currencies, rates, billing methods, permissions, progress tracking, notifications, keywords, project/task types, roles, risks, and templates with detailed granularity.
Team Management
Set up an organization matrix with Team leaders to manage resources directly and free project managers to focus on project planning.
Team Planner
Team leaders can monitor resource capacity and utilization using the Team Planner. They assess the projected workload and either approve or request changes. Cerri Project provides two approval workflows tailored to your organization’s procedures. The Parallel workflow enables simultaneous reviews by project managers and team leaders. The Serial workflow lets the project manager schedule the workload first, then forwards it to the team leader for approval or edits.
Custom Fields Setup
Customize Cerri Project with simple setup actions, add fields and create reports based on those fields.
Custom Fields
Add custom fields within the portfolio, project, and resource databases in order to display further information within specific forms or documents you require. Extract further information for example, regarding a cost by adding custom fields indicating whether cost was “budgeted”, whether it was “one-time or recurring” and “supplier information”. For each new custom field, you can define its name, label, type, corresponding options as well as whether the field is mandatory or not.
Charts Setup
Select chart types and parameters from multiple options to display the data you want in a readily available manner.
Chart Configuration
Set up charts for each database selecting from a variety of chart types including Columns, Pie, Donuts, Bar, Lines, Areas, and Stacked Columns. Select from multiple configuration options like filtering, dimensions, columns and drilling down – where you can define in which views and documents each chart becomes available. Further customize your charts by choosing their titles, start and end values as well as colors.
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