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Resource Management Software For Full Visibility Into Resource Capacity And Demand
Maximize ROI by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing bench time thanks to Cerri Project’s project resource management capabilities.
Build the strongest project team and maximize resource use
Get top results from your organization’s most valuable asset, its people. Streamline resource and capacity planning, optimize resource allocation and workload management, and simplify staffing decisions and team creation; thanks to Cerri Project’s resource management tools.
Resource Allocation
Monitor and analyze resource workload with a complete set of views, dashboards and charts provided by Cerri Project. Manage allocation requests according to resource availability as well as skills and competencies to optimize productivity and prevent allocation conflicts. Define resources in terms of the role they play (e.g. project manager, designer, developer, system architect) within your project and process models. Easily identify which resource allocations are causing problems, track usage patterns and make adjustments or resource substitutions.
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Resource Workload Tracking (Capacity Planning)
Benefit from Cerri Project’s workload management software capabilities and workload analysis features. Gain global visibility on resource availability and distribution of work across multiple projects. View total scheduled effort for each resource to easily identify which resources are over utilized and which are being underutilized. Monitor resource and team capacity for better planning and a more productive project workforce.
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Availability Management
Track availability, time off and absences centrally using Cerri Project’s availability management capabilities. Forecast resource schedules better thanks to personal calendars that consider non-project related activities such as vacations and public holidays. Gain an accurate picture of resource allocations throughout the system by defining an approval workflow for unavailability requests and matching it with regular working hours.
Project Staffing
Enhance your staffing processes thanks to Cerri Project’s resource advanced search. Quickly search resources by skill, availability, location, type, or cost center; then drill down to specific information about each person, including competences and individual calendars. Gain instant visibility into your resource pool, and easily identify available and qualified resources within your organization.
Optimize your business processes with Cerri Project
To complement its resource management capabilities, Cerri Project offers a wide range of project management tools to help you maximize ROI and achieve your full productivity potential.
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Schott AG
“Thanks to the tool, we succeeded in making IT performance visible and managing our resources and performance. User definable workflows, interfaces to other systems and a web-based user interface as an add-on, helped us decide to use Project as an overall solution.”
Christian Weil,
Head of ITSM-1 Service Support Business Applications
“Thanks to Project, we now have one tool for managing our project data. This allows us to easily share information with our management team, which has created better visibility and an increased knowledge of our accomplishments within the company.”
M. Olivier Hertu,
“Our main reason for selecting Project can be attributed to its user-friendly yet rich interface and powerful reporting capabilities providing us visibility into complex projects, portfolios, resources and issues.”
Sara Saleh,
Planning and Projects Coordinator
“The main reason for selecting Project can be attributed to the first class service delivered by the Project team confirming that we can build a long standing partnership with a trusted advisor, rather than just a transactional supplier/customer relationship. Another big factor in selecting Project is the fact it delivers 90% of what we need today out-of-the-box and has the scalability and flexibility along with its technical team to meet our future needs. In addition, Project’s user-friendly GUI is nice, clean and easy to follow with direct terminology and menu options that can adapt to our business.”
Matt Harrison,
Head of Programmes Service Development
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Resource Management FAQ
What is resource management and why is it important?

Resource management is a critical aspect of project management that involves effectively managing and utilizing the resources required to complete a project. Resources can include people, equipment, materials, and finances, among others.


The goal of resource management in project management is to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time and in the right quantity to complete the project successfully. This requires careful planning and scheduling of resources throughout the project lifecycle, from initiation to closure.


Effective resource management involves several key activities, including:


  1. Resource planning: This involves identifying the resources required to complete each task in the project, estimating the quantity of each resource needed, and creating a schedule for when each resource will be required.
  2. Resource allocation: This involves assigning resources to specific tasks or activities within the project based on the project plan and schedule. Resource allocation should be done in a way that maximizes efficiency and minimizes conflicts between different resources.
  3. Resource monitoring: This involves tracking the utilization of resources throughout the project to ensure that they are being used effectively and efficiently. Resource monitoring can help identify potential issues or bottlenecks in the project that may require additional resources or changes to the project plan.
  4. Resource optimization: This involves optimizing the use of resources to ensure that they are being used to their maximum potential. This may involve reallocating resources to different tasks or activities or making changes to the project plan to better align with available resources.


Effective resource management is critical to the success of any project. By managing resources effectively, project managers can ensure that their projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards. Resource management is typically supported by project management software tools like Cerri Project that help project managers track and manage resources throughout the project lifecycle.

What is workload management?

Workload management refers to the process of efficiently organizing, prioritizing, and assigning tasks and resources to ensure optimal performance and project completion. It involves monitoring individual and team capacities, ensuring tasks are distributed evenly, and addressing any potential overloads or under-utilizations. A key tool in modern workload management is workload management software like Cerri Project. This software automates the process, allowing managers and teams to gain a clear view of their tasks, deadlines, and capacities. By using workload management software, organisations can better allocate resources, prevent burnout, and ensure projects are completed on time and within scope.

What is capacity planning and why is it important?

Capacity planning is the process of estimating the amount of work that can be completed by a team or resource over a specific period. In project management, capacity planning is used to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time to complete a project successfully.


Capacity planning is an important aspect of resource management because it helps project managers to identify potential resource constraints, optimize resource utilization, and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. By estimating the capacity of different resources, project managers can determine whether they have enough resources to complete a project, or whether additional resources may be needed.


Capacity planning can also help project managers to identify potential bottlenecks or issues that may impact project timelines or budgets. For example, if a team member is already at full capacity, they may not be able to take on additional tasks without impacting the quality or timelines of their current work.


Effective capacity planning requires careful analysis of resource availability, workloads, and priorities. Project management software with capacity planning features can help project managers to automate this process, making it easier to identify resource constraints and optimize resource allocation.


Overall, capacity planning is a critical aspect of resource management that helps project managers to optimize resource utilization, ensure project success, and minimize risks and issues. By accurately estimating resource capacity and workload, project managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation, and ensure that their projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.

How can I get the most from my resource management software?

In order to maximize your benefit from Cerri Project project resource management software you have different options available to you. 

  • Book a demo with one of our specialists. They will show you how to leverage Cerri Project’s resource management tools to meet the specific requirements of your organization.
  • Check out our help portal.
  • Contact us for more in depth consulting services.
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