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Maximising ROI

Stay ahead of the curve by enhancing your project management and resource planning. Deliver projects more efficiently and with a higher return on R&D investments in a complex and information-centric IT project environment that values the ability to share only the most relevant information.

Achieve better collaboration and visibility across project activities, portfolios, resource utilisation and documents in order to facilitate the tracking and reporting of project progress and costs. And benefit from Cerri Project’s powerful time tracking tools that serve as a guidepost for product release management.

Supporting improved project delivery

Optimise your team by connecting the most talented individuals with the most profitable projects. Improve overall productivity by better managing information distribution, resource allocation and project delivery thanks to Cerri Project’s process-driven highly configurable workflow engine.

Map your business and approval processes to your portfolio of projects and get support with any type of service engagement initiatives. Cerri Project provides a single point of access to your project status, portfolio health and daily logged events; and easily integrates with your existing environment and other industry tools. Achieve IT governance by managing your demand and prioritising projects and portfolios to align with determined business strategies.

List of projects supported by our customers:

  • Software development projects
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Quality improvement – CMMI, ISO
  • Information technology – e.g. CRM. ERP, HR, BI, etc..
  • Capital expenditure
  • Human resource
  • Marketing and communications
  • Regulatory compliance
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