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Product Management Software To Streamline Your Product Pipeline
Build brand loyalty by delivering quality products consistently on-time.
Align product management objectives with your company strategy.
Track new product development projects from ideation to commercialization thanks to Cerri Project’s ability to map to your organization’s business processes.
Accelerate Time To Market
Enhance innovation, drive productivity and boost profitability by streamlining your product development journey. Our customizable workflows help you minimize cycle times, while enhanced global collaboration features allow for seamless communication and efficient progress tracking. Gain deeper insights into dependencies and enjoy transparent reporting for a quicker, more efficient route to market.
Optimize Product Pipeline And Strategic Alignment
Elevate your portfolio by focusing on products that align seamlessly with your strategic goals and optimize your return on investment. Project’s advanced ranking features empower you to identify and prioritize high-impact products, fortifying your pipeline and contributing positively to your financial performance.
Use Stage And Gate Processes For Strategic Road Mapping
Configure your stage and gate processes and project documentation to map your organizational workflow with Cerri Project’s adaptable features. Seamlessly track new product development from ideation to commercialization, employing a comprehensive product roadmap to capture milestones and objectives. Visualize crucial delivery timelines for each phase of product development, ensuring robust quality management and assurance with Project’s advanced stage and gate review capabilities.
Efficiently Allocate Resources & Plan Capacity
Streamline the management of your globally dispersed teams by prioritizing and allocating resources to your most profitable projects, ensuring availability even before approval stages. Benefit from real-time insights into dedicated resources, funds, and expenses for your R&D projects. Ensure that the right resources are allocated at the most crucial stages, helping you stay on schedule. Use Project’s role-based planning and multi-project resource allocation capabilities for improved resource utilization and simplified cost calculations. Accurately forecast your capacity requirements, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and profitability.
Use Customizations To Reflect Your Unique Requirements
Benefit from Project’s exceptional ability to be tailored to your unique business needs, whether that involves implementing a specialized process map or a specific milestone analysis. If you require a consolidated that captures your entire process along with task statuses, Project offers the customization you need. Create the processes, workflows, views or analyses your organization needs to reflect your unique business requirements.
Conceptualize. Prioritize. Strategize. Commercialize.
Key features to help you achieve each step of your new product development processes.
Idea Screening & Product Pipeline (Prioritisation)
Project Ranking
Rank projects based on custom-defined critical success factors, with higher scores indicating greater project value or potential.
What-if Scenarios
Simulate various product development scenarios through “what-if” investment and capacity models.
Utilize configurable workflows to assess project feasibility.
Roadmapping & Planning
Gantt Chart
Elevate your product roadmap management by obtaining a clear, visual representation of dependencies, milestones, and objectives.
Project Templates
Leverage reusable project templates complete with pre-filled documents to expedite the creation of new projects.
Risk Analysis & Mitigation
Assess the importance of project risks through qualitative analysis to determine the need for direct mitigation – accomplishable via a variety of methods that are specific to both the project and the associated risks.
Product Portfolio & Strategy Alignment
Portfolio Optimization
Effectively steer your new product development initiatives that highlight the project’s impact on the organization’s bottom line, with competing projects, and the key people responsible for its successful delivery.
Revenue Optimization
Unlock revenue potential with optimization features that seamlessly align your product portfolio and strategic objectives.
R&D Project Ranking
Prioritize R&D initiatives effectively with project ranking features to ensure maximum impact and alignment with business goals.
Resources & Capacity
Resource Management
Search for and allocate the right resources, ensuring that information is consistent across multiple projects thanks to centralized resource management.
Capacity Planning
Resources are allocated to projects based on calculated workload and capacity, with ongoing tracking of resource utilization during the planning and allocation process.
Workload Scheduler
Utilize Project’s Workload Chart to gain insights into resource allocation across all projects, identifying instances of over-allocation or scheduling conflicts.
Stage Gate Process
Stage and Gate Review
Track new product development from concept to market using Project’s advanced roadmap and phase-gate features, which visualize key milestones, timelines, and quality assurance steps.
Configurable Workflows
Offer adaptability to your unique processes. This feature not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces cycle times.
Project Performance
Budget Monitoring
Manage project budgets globally or across specific periods, incorporating forecasts for both labor and non-labor costs, which can be organized by activity type, cost centre, or both.
Cost Monitoring
Manage varied resource rates at multiple levels, assigning standard rates to companies and resources while permitting rate adjustments at the project or task level.
Task Scheduler
Track task completion and identify dependencies in real-time to keep your team aligned and your project on course.
Foster cross-functional collaboration to keep team members across departments, roles, and geographies uniformly informed, ensuring optimal project progress and results.
Trusted By Leaders In The Manufacturing Industry
“Using Cerri Project has made our resource allocation and utilization processes more efficient; as we now have an accurate picture of who is utilised on what and for how long, down to the day.”
Lorenz Success Story
“Thanks to the tool, we succeeded in making IT performance visible and managing our resources and performance.

User definable workflows, interfaces to other systems and a web-based user interface as an add-on, helped us decide to use Project as an overall solution.”
Christian Weil,
Head of ITSM-1 Service Support Business Applications
Schott Success Story
“Hitachi Aqua-Tech’s projects are rapidly growing in volume and stretching the limits of its current resource pool. We selected Project as our PPM solution of choice to help increase project efficiency and improve the company’s productivity.”
Boey Kok Chin,
Asst. General Manager – Engineering
“Our main reason for selecting Project was the large amount of features available. We especially needed to track costs and project progress, and Project had the best tools to do it.”
Sherwood King,
Information Technology Director
Optimize your business processes 
with Cerri Project
To complement its powerful NPD management capabilities, Cerri Project offers a wide range of project management
tools to help you maximize ROI and achieve your full productivity potential. 
Here are some.
Best product management software for
new product development (NPD)
Product Management & New Product Development FAQ
What is product management?

Product Management is the discipline of guiding a product from its inception to market and overseeing its success and evolution once it’s in the marketplace. It involves a range of activities such as market research, product development, positioning, pricing, promotion, and lifecycle management. A Product Manager is typically responsible for aligning the product with business goals, meeting customer needs, and coordinating various functions like development, marketing, sales, and support to bring a successful product to market.

What is a new product development project (NPD)?

New Product Development (NPD) is the structured process of bringing a new product or service to market. It involves various phases such as idea generation, concept testing, business analysis, development, testing, and finally, commercialization. The goal is to create a product that meets a specific need in the market or offers a unique benefit to customers. NPD is crucial for companies looking to stay competitive and innovate in their respective industries.

How does product management software benefit NPD projects?

Product management software streamlines and optimizes the New Product Development (NPD) process by offering a centralized platform for tasks such as idea generation, prioritization, planning, execution, and monitoring. It allows for better collaboration among team members and stakeholders, ensures alignment with strategic objectives, and provides analytics for informed decision-making. Features like workflow automation, document management, and real-time progress tracking help to keep NPD projects on schedule and within budget, ultimately accelerating time-to-market and increasing the chances of product success.

What is a stage-gate process?

A stage-gate process is a project management technique used to guide new product development (NPD) from concept to commercialization. The process is divided into distinct stages, such as idea generation, development, and testing, each followed by a ‘gate’ where progress is evaluated. At each gate, a cross-functional team reviews the project’s status and decides whether it should continue, be revised, or be terminated. This structured approach helps organizations manage risks, allocate resources more effectively, and make data-driven decisions, ensuring that only viable projects move forward to the next stage.

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    Simplify projects with visual planning.
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    Agriculture & Food
    Maximize agricultural productivity and food safety by leveraging targeted project management strategies to enhance operational efficiency and compliance.
    Energy & Utilities
    Use information technology, improve operations and automate business processes to expand your market share in an evolving industry.
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    Address the needs of your industry stakeholders while keeping your eyes on the bottom line and adhering to regulatory compliance.
    Keep your eyes on the bottom line while adhering to compliance and government regulations in order to excel in a highly demanding project environment.
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    Maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace by seeking out the best technological strategies to grow your organization and services for your students and staff.
    Increase margins and profitability across all manufacturing sectors by leveraging the economies of scale made possible by globally dispersed teams and facilities.
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    Offer customers better visibility and transparency in the sharing of project information while keeping your eyes on the bottom line and delivering competitive service to them.
    Public Sector & Non-Profit
    Enhance collaboration and visibility across the project life-cycle improving demand management, resource utilization, and documents.
    Retail (Consumer Goods)
    Enhance retail operations and consumer satisfaction by adopting integrated project management solutions that ensure product quality, optimize supply chains, and improve market responsiveness.
    Harness advanced project management tools to drive efficiency and maximize ROI in your R&D investments within the rapidly evolving IT sector.
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