Lorenz Success Story

Streamlining Project Management & Boosting Team Collaboration in the Global Snack Manufacturing Industry 


“With Cerri Project we have a holistic overview of our projects and satisfied employees.”



Lorenz Snack-World

Food Manufacturing (Snack Manufacturing)

Type of Projects

Lorenz Snack-World required a project management software tailored to their international endeavors. This software needed to offer flexibility to accommodate the distinct working methodologies of each team member.

Cerri Project delivers an “integrated system” to Lorenz Snack-World, tailored for their diverse project landscape. Its flexibility ensures seamless international project execution. Moreover, the robust Document Management system bolsters collaboration and guarantees strong user adoption.



Lorenz Snack-World is a family-operated leader in the global snack market with 130 years under its belt. Brands like Crunchips, Saltletts, ErdnußLocken, and NicNac’s have symbolized their commitment to high-quality crispy snacks for decades. Many of their brands dominate their respective segments. Beyond traditional food retailers, Lorenz’s snacks are available in beverage stores, petrol stations, cinemas, and more, spanning Germany, Europe, and 80 other countries. Headquartered in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt/Main, the company boasts national and international sites in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Egypt and China. 



Lorenz Snack-World previously tried various Project Management Software tools. MS Project was introduced for large projects but wasn’t universally adopted, with only a few “gurus” mastering its use. Many projects, typically with core teams of 4-5, relied on MS Excel for planning. Despite its familiarity, Excel lacked a comprehensive project overview and teamwork features, making tracking tasks for multi-role team members cumbersome. Further complicating matters, teams are dispersed across multiple locations, navigating a multilingual environment with German and Polish as primary languages and English as the common tongue.



Lorenz Snack-World pre-selected and tested several project management solutions, keeping in mind their unique criteria: easy to use with minimal training, compatible with their structure of having sub-project managers reporting to overall project managers, a unified platform for all their international subsidiaries, and an integrated system for seamless team adoption. Cerri Project emerged as the preferred choice due to its alignment with these requirements and its capacity to offer user customisation options: individuals can choose if they want tasks in their personal calendar or if they’d prefer notifications, accommodating their daily work with the platform. The software also allows for short training sessions—1-2 hours for basic training and 2-3 hours for project managers. Another benefit is its phased implementation, letting teams begin with project planning and, as they become more familiar, introduce resource and cost planning 



The adoption of Cerri Project delivered tangible outcomes. The centralized document repository ensured all files were accessible and easy to find, promoting better teamwork. This centralization, combined with the platform’s flexibility in preserving individual work habits, led to improved user satisfaction and enhanced collaboration across the board.

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