SNIM Success Story

Synchronizing Strategic Aims and Project Execution in the Mining Industry


“Cerri Project allows us to formalize and optimize our processes giving us more transparency, improved monitoring of projects and quicker decision making and response.”



SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière)


Type of Projects

Implement a project management software solution that enables the company to rigorously track the progress of its strategic initiatives.

Deploy a user-friendly enterprise project management software for streamlined implementation. Enhance process efficiency, boost transparency, and improve project monitoring. Leverage Cerri Project’s collaboration capabilities for optimized information flow.



Based in Mauritania, SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière) stands as a global frontrunner in the iron ore export business. With an annual production of roughly 12 million tons of iron ore, the company has successfully traded more than 400 million tons since its establishment in 1963. Providing employment for 4,500 individuals, SNIM contributes to 10% of Mauritania’s Gross Domestic Product. Additionally, the company has diversified its portfolio, marking its presence in various other sectors including tourism, construction, and casting, through its subsidiary enterprises.


The company was in need of a project management software that could meticulously track the progress of its pivotal strategic initiatives. Strategically speaking, managing programs and projects with precise control was essential. Rigorous monitoring of project milestones and effective management of approval processes were critical elements to ensure the company’s alignment with its overarching strategic goals.


The company opted for an easily implementable enterprise project management software. 

“We needed a user-friendly software facilitating user adoption and that could be easily integrated with our existing infrastructure.”


Implementing Cerri Project led to significant advancements, notably greater transparency and a more coherent strategic vision. With its robust feature set, the software enabled the company to formalize and optimize various processes. This resulted in improved project monitoring, quicker decision-making, and more agile responses. The company was able to discard its previous reliance on Excel spreadsheets for project tracking, reducing both the frequency and duration of meetings. Utilizing Cerri Project as the main platform for overseeing project updates and monitoring enhanced stakeholder communication, thanks in part to its built-in collaboration features.

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