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Optimising Resource Management & Enhancing Operational Efficiency in Higher Education  

“With Cerri Project everyone can easily enter their timesheet information. We are therefore getting a better understanding of resource constraints, enabling us to become more efficient.”



Coventry University

Higher Education

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Coventry University’s team had to develop a thorough understanding of their IT projects. This meant not just looking at isolated initiatives, but comprehending the entirety of their requirements, from ongoing operations to new business projects and beyond.

Cerri Project was chosen by Coventry University for its capability to manage generic resources and optimise resource demand. Its user-friendly design made timesheet entry seamless for all members, leading to clearer insights into resource constraints and subsequently boosting operational efficiency.



Coventry University, based in central England, is a respected public research institution ranked 51st among the UK’s top universities (according to The Guardian for 2023). The university has a student population of over 30,000 from various global backgrounds. With an academic staff of 3,000, Coventry University emphasises rigorous research and quality education, making it a recognised name in higher education.


Coventry University faced a pressing issue: they needed a unified understanding of their resource demand versus their actual capacity. It was crucial to pinpoint constraints and set clear priorities. Within the IT department, the complexity of managing demands, projects, and routine operations became evident. Prior to implementing Cerri Project, they relied heavily on manual project management, which was not only time-consuming but also inefficient. To streamline and improve their operations, Coventry University sought a tool that could enhance these processes and bolster productivity.


Cerri Project was identified as the ideal tool for Coventry University, primarily because of its unique ability to handle generic resources and streamline resource demand. This feature was pivotal for the institution. Additionally, its user-friendly interface allowed all members to input timesheet data effortlessly. As a result, the university gained clearer insights into resource limitations, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.


After adopting Cerri Project, Coventry University saw a marked improvement in IT project and resource management. The platform’s intuitive design made timesheet logging consistent and straightforward, offering a clearer view of resource constraints. This improved visibility led to better decision-making and project prioritisation. Moving from manual methods to Cerri Project, the university boosted its productivity and enhanced overall efficiency in project execution.

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