Coventry University

The Institution

Coventry University is a public research university in England, ranked 33rd best University in the nation. The university hosts 27’000 students and an academic staff of almost 3’000 people.


The Challenge

“The primary challenge for us was to establish an holistic view of our resource demand against resource capacity, ascertain constraints and facilitate prioritization. We needed to establish a full picture of our IT Projects and gain a holistic view of all our demands, projects, business and activities, etc…”

Before Genius Project, all the project work was carried out manually and was extremely resource intensive. Coventry University therefore needed a tool to improve those processes and increase productivity.


The Solution

Genius Project is the only solution that can cope with the idea of generic resources and pipelining of resource demand, which is a key element for Coventry University. Ease of use for everyone to enter timesheets information. Moreover, with Genius Project everyone can easily enter their timesheet information. We are therefore getting a better understanding of resource constraints, enabling us to become more efficient.

Nathalie Czechowski
Assistant Director ITS

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