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Hosting Options For Cerri Work
A collaborative work management solution with flexible hosting to meet your organisational requirements.
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Leverage the reliability of Azure hosting for secure cloud collaboration wherever you are.
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Hosted on Microsoft Azure within Cerri’s cloud infrastructure.
Microsoft grade security and compliance standards.
Hosted in Switzerland
Available from anywhere anytime.
No maintenance or performance worries.
Get the highest level of privacy and cloud security for your project data.
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Hosted on Microsoft Azure as a separate instance on Cerri’s cloud infrastructure.
Microsoft grade security and compliance standards.
Hosted in Switzerland.
Available from anywhere anytime.
No maintenance or performance worries.
Gain full control of your data access and solution.
Keep your data in its very own instance and not in a shared space.
Have the option to request your Azure hosting from your country.
Install Cerri Work software on-premise for complete control of your data.
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Hosted on your organisation’s infrastructure behind your own firewalls.
Have sole control over your solution and data.
Ultimate data security.
Azure Compliance & Data Privacy
Place your confidence in Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, renowned for its exceptional data security, rigorous compliance standards, and steadfast commitment to privacy.
Cerri Security
At the core of Cerri's mission is a strong dedication to safeguarding our clients' invaluable data, making security and privacy paramount in all our endeavours.
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Hosting FAQ
What is cloud hosting?

With the cloud, your data will be hosted within Cerri’s infrastructure on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud. Cerri takes care of executing all software updates.

What is private cloud hosting?

With private cloud hosting, Cerri Work is installed as a separate instance and data independent installation on Cerri’s cloud infrastructure. Cerri takes care of executing all software updates.

What is on-premise hosting?

On-premise hosting grants you full control over your system and data, as the software is installed directly onto your organisation’s IT infrastructure, shielded by your internal firewalls. This means there is no shared hosting platform; your data occupies its own, independent space, ensuring absolute privacy.

What are the advantages of private cloud over cloud hosting?

There are several advantages to using private cloud hosting over public cloud hosting, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some key benefits:


  1. Enhanced Security and Privacy: In a private cloud environment, resources are not shared with others, so the infrastructure and systems can offer enhanced security and privacy. Crucial if your organisation deals with sensitive data or needs to comply with strict regulatory requirements.
  2. Greater Control: With private cloud, you have complete control over your environment. This means you can tailor and configure the infrastructure to meet your specific business needs. You can also control where your data is stored and how it is protected.
  3. Improved Performance: Since the infrastructure in a private cloud is dedicated to a single organisation, the resources are not shared with others. This can result in improved performance as there is less competition for resources.
  4. Better Compliance: For industries that need to comply with strict regulations, such as healthcare or finance, private clouds offer the ability to establish and enforce specific policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of private cloud over on-premise hosting?

Advantages of private cloud hosting over on-premise:

  • Scalability: Private cloud hosting is highly scalable. It can easily adjust to your business needs by adding or removing resources without the need for physical changes to your infrastructure.


Disadvantages of private cloud hosting compared to on-premise:

  • Dependency on Internet: The functioning of a private cloud depends heavily on internet connectivity. Any interruptions to your internet service could hinder access to your data.


Advantages of on-premise hosting over private cloud:

  • Control: With on-premise hosting, you have complete control over your physical servers, data, and network. This is beneficial for organisations that need high levels of security and have strict compliance requirements.
  • Performance: Since data doesn’t have to travel over the internet, on-premise systems often offer superior performance and faster data access.


Disadvantages of on-premise hosting compared to private cloud:

  • Scalability: Scaling on-premise infrastructure can be more challenging and time-consuming, requiring additional hardware and potential downtime.
  • Maintenance: On-premise solutions require ongoing maintenance, including updates, security measures, and potential repairs, which could add to the total cost of ownership.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event, on-premise systems can be at risk. Unless you have robust backup and disaster recovery plans in place, you could potentially lose data.
How do I decide between cloud, private cloud and on-premise hosting?

The choice between private and public cloud or on-premise hosting depends on multiple factors such as your organisation’s budget, size, industry, and specific needs. We can help analyse the requirements and potential solutions with you before deciding on the appropriate setup.

Where will my data be stored?

Cerri Work is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud in Switzerland. 

If your organisation has special requirements to be hosted in a specific country or region, please contact us to discover the options of having your environment hosted on an Azure private cloud in another location. 

In the case of on-premise and private cloud hosting your data will be where you install it.

What are the criteria for cloud hosting?

There basically are none. You simply need access to the internet!

What are the criteria for private cloud hosting?

With the added security of private cloud hosting comes a certain amount of responsibility to your organisation. Operating a private cloud requires a higher level of technical expertise, as your business will be responsible for managing and maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

What are the criteria for on-premise hosting?

Please contact us to learn about the different options available.

Explore one of the only collaborative work management software that offers flexible hosting options, enabling you to meet your organisational and IT requirements.
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