Rijk Zwaan Success Story

Enhancing Project Visibility & Streamlining Resource Allocation in the Vegetable Breeding Industry   


“Now we have one unique tool that integrates time and project reporting, project planning and resource management. We have improved project visibility and collaboration now that all project leaders have access to the project information.”



Rijk Zwaan

Vegetable Seed Breeding and Production

Type of Projects

Gaining enhanced visibility into project data, with a particular emphasis on identifying and managing delays.

Rijk Zwaan implemented Cerri Project, a solution with a proven track record, to address their project visibility challenges. This led to time savings, streamlined and consistent project processes, and more realistic planning that considered all activities. Additionally, the solution facilitated easy sharing of project progress and plans among all team members.



Rijk Zwaan stands as a global frontrunner in vegetable breeding. Based in the Netherlands, they focus on developing and supplying seeds for both indoor (glasshouses and polythene tunnels) and outdoor commercial cultivation. With a presence in multiple locations across the world, they not only breed varieties but also engage in seed production, sales, and customer service. Rijk Zwaan ranks among the world’s top 10 vegetable breeding companies.


Within the IT department at the organization, a significant challenge emerged related to the management of project data. The existing system exhibited a lack of integration, with multiple tools being employed simultaneously but without a unified project management solution. This fragmented approach created difficulties in overseeing projects and obscured the understanding of how different projects were interconnected. As a result, the hidden connections between delays or issues in specific project phases and their broader impacts on the overall project and related tasks impeded efficient management and timely execution.


Opting for Cerri Project, Rijk Zwaan found a robust solution with a track record of efficacy. Their long-standing use of Lotus Notes made it essential to choose a solution built on the same platform to optimize their investments. Another criterion was an English user interface. The company’s commitment to project management software, coupled with their extensive market experience, further solidified Rijk Zwaan’s confidence in Cerri Project. 


After implementing Cerri Project, Rijk Zwaan realized a transformation in their project management approach by January 1st, 2008. The centralized system improved time reporting, resource management, and project planning, providing comprehensive visibility across projects. Using the Cerri Project Planner, they streamlined task creation and resource allocation, with the added flexibility of distinct timesheet templates for project-specific and general activities. The centralized resource pool enabled realistic project planning, identifying overbooked resources and allowing timely adjustments. Customisable features in Cerri Project further ensured swift project initiation and consistent workflow, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across teams.

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