Rémy Cointreau Success Story

Streamlining Project Management & Enhancing Decision-Making in the International Wine and Spirits Industry   

“We are very happy with the solution and we particularly appreciate the technical and business know-how from Cerri Project.”



Rémy Cointreau

Luxury Wine & Spirits

Type of Projects

Rémy Cointreau needed a centralized project management solution to handle complex data and coordinate activities across its global IT department, moving beyond the limitations of Excel.

Cerri Project delivered a robust, value-driven project management platform that streamlined Rémy Cointreau’s IT operations, ensuring comprehensive oversight and enhanced efficiency across the department.



Rémy Cointreau stands as a distinguished leader in the international wine and spirits industry, renowned for its exquisite portfolio of premium brands including Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Passoã, Mount Gay Rum, Metaxa, and the prestigious Champagnes Charles Heidsieck and Piper-Heidsieck. With a rich heritage dating back to 1724, the group was formally established through a merger in 1990, combining the expertise of the Hériard Dubreuil and Cointreau families. Today, Rémy Cointreau employs over 1,200 people across three continents—Europe, North America, and Asia—striving to be the benchmark for discerning consumers worldwide.


Rémy Cointreau’s IT department faced the daunting task of managing a substantial SAP integration project, rapidly outgrowing the capabilities of Excel due to the scale and complexity of the data. With more than a hundred professionals involved, the necessity for a centralized management tool became apparent. The department also needed to plan activities across all ongoing projects effectively, including scalable and corrective support, necessitating an efficient system to accurately track and report the time spent by each collaborator to ensure reliable and precise planning.


Rémy Cointreau selected Cerri Project, recognizing its exceptional value for money alongside the professionalism and demonstrated commercial and technical expertise of its team. The deployment was initiated smoothly, and currently, all employees are fully operational with the solution. Despite encountering some initial technical challenges related to their existing infrastructure, these issues were effectively resolved by the dedicated consulting and support teams at Cerri Project, ensuring a seamless integration and user experience. 


Rémy Cointreau has successfully leveraged Cerri Project’s Planner and timesheet module to streamline planning and monitoring of all IT department projects. By integrating all projects into Cerri Project, the team has achieved centralized management and enhanced visibility for every team member. Cerri Project’s Planner facilitates comprehensive scheduling across projects, utilizing Excel for detailed task management and tracking deliverables. This integration provides a clear overview of project progress, significantly improving decision-making and conflict prevention among projects. Additionally, the incorporation of timesheets has been particularly valuable, enabling more accurate reporting of time spent on various tasks and thus optimizing resource allocation.

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