Landsbankinn Success Story

Elevating Project Oversight & Enhancing Data Privacy in the Icelandic Banking Sector   

“Thanks to Cerri Project, we now have a better overview of projects being worked on.”




Financial Services

Type of Projects

The projects and programmes at Landsbankinn were experiencing heightened complexity. This necessitated enhanced tools, support, and reporting mechanisms to be implemented across the entire portfolio of projects and strategic initiatives.

Landsbankinn adopted Cerri Project for its comprehensive suite of features, including project tracking, risk management, and customisable workflows. Given the breadth of capabilities provided by the platform, the solution presents a competitively priced option.



Founded in 1886, Landsbankinn has evolved to become a pivotal financial institution in Iceland. Offering an extensive range of financial services, it stands as the market leader in the country’s financial sector, boasting the most expansive branch network.


Prior to implementing Cerri Project, Landsbankinn relied on a mix of assorted tools and techniques to set up and manage their projects and portfolios, but these lacked comprehensive capabilities for monitoring projects in terms of time, cost, and resources. As their projects and programmes grew in complexity, the need arose for more advanced tools that could provide superior support, reporting, and an integrated perspective across their entire project or strategic initiative portfolio. Their primary objectives were twofold: First, they sought to address project management challenges they previously couldn’t handle, such as facilitating diverse project management processes throughout the organization, enhancing resource management, ensuring more detailed information logging, decision traceability, and multi-tiered reporting. Secondly, they aimed to cut inefficiencies in the project process, reducing errors, wait times, unnecessary data migration between tools, and offering improved project management and collaboration tools for staff.


Cerri Project proficiently addresses many of Landsbankinn’s current requirements, encompassing project tracking, risk management, and customisable workflows. The platform not only meets present needs but is also poised to cater to future demands with its comprehensive array of integrated functionalities. One of the standout qualities of Cerri Project is the competitive pricing it offers, especially considering its extensive feature set and adaptability. Since its adoption, Landsbankinn has gained a clearer perspective of ongoing projects, experiencing tangible benefits like a swift, holistic view of the bank’s entire project portfolio. 


Prioritizing customer data privacy, Landsbankinn chose an on-premise installation of Genius Project. Despite being set up remotely by the Cerri development team, the transition was smooth. Subsequently, an on-site consultant from Genius provided targeted training to the Landsbankinn team, tailoring and configuring the system to their specifications. Remarkably, the entire implementation and training process spanned a mere 10 days. Through collaborative training, the team was empowered to voice their business needs, allowing for customisations that boosted system usability and user adoption.


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