Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Success Story

Enhancing IT Project Management and Decision-Making at the Indonesian Stock Exchange   

“Cerri Project can provide informative, interesting and customized reports based on IDX needs. With those reports, the top management can make faster and more accurate decisions.”



Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX)


Type of Projects

IDX needed a robust system to efficiently coordinate and monitor its IT projects, prevent resource conflicts, and streamline reporting for decision-making.

IDX adopted Cerri Project, a comprehensive project management tool, enhancing planning, monitoring, and collaboration, while providing detailed, error-free reports for executive decision-making.



As a pivotal player in Indonesia’s financial landscape, the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) holds a central position. It is Indonesia’s premier stock exchange, instrumental in orchestrating stock trading and regulating the nation’s capital market. Over recent years, IDX has seen a significant increase in its trading volumes and values, reflecting the growing dynamism of Indonesia’s economy and the increasing importance of capital markets in the region. This growth underscores IDX’s role not just as a market facilitator but also as a critical entity in shaping the country’s financial future.


IDX’s IT Project Management Office (PMO) faced the challenge of effectively coordinating IT projects. The need was to monitor schedules, implement milestones, track progress, and store all project-related documentation, including procurement documents, Gantt Charts, and project management plans. This coordination was crucial to prevent schedule and resource conflicts among IT projects. A significant hurdle was the manual creation of reports for top management decision-making, which was prone to errors and delays..


IDX adopted Cerri Project for its comprehensive planning and monitoring capabilities, as well as its portfolio features. This tool enabled IDX to utilize resource planning to schedule IT resources efficiently, set reminders for milestones, and store all project deliverables. The portfolio views and the collaborative platform Project Live facilitated a comprehensive overview of all projects and eased communication among project managers. 


With Cerri Project, IDX experienced a transformation in its reporting and decision-making processes. The tool provided informative, interesting, and customized reports tailored to IDX’s requirements, enabling top management to make faster and more accurate decisions. The availability of these features at a competitive price made Cerri Project a valuable asset for IDX, improving collaboration between project managers and enhancing the delivery of global projects.

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