IAK Resources Success Story

Enhancing Project Oversight & Improving Operational Efficiency in the International Raw Materials Industry   


“Cerri Project is the legendary “Swiss Army Knife” of web-based project management solutions.”



IAK Resources AG

Mining & Metals

Type of Projects

IAK Resources AG faced significant hurdles in managing and executing global projects from a central location, struggling with inefficient invoicing and poor visibility across its decentralized system.

Cerri Project provided a comprehensive, web-based project management solution that streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and optimized resource planning for IAK Resources AG.



IAK Resources AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a prominent global player in the raw materials sector with operations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The company excels in mining, from prospecting to extraction, particularly in the Balkans, Asia, and West Africa. It also handles the trading and distribution of ores, precious metals, and rare earths worldwide. Committed to sustainability, IAK Resources AG specializes in recycling various materials and supports infrastructure and recultivation in mining regions. Their extensive global logistics network underpins their diverse business areas, enhancing operational efficiency.


IAK Resources AG, as a vast global entity, faced the daunting challenge of centrally planning, managing, and executing projects from its headquarters while catering to the unique demands of its diverse business units spread across multiple continents and countries. This complexity led to inefficiencies in invoicing, time and expense tracking, and significant obstacles in resource management across projects. Additionally, the decentralized system for capturing project information restricted the team’s capacity for strategic investment decision-making and limited their ability to terminate or discard unprofitable or high-risk projects in their pipeline.


After an exhaustive search involving technology trade shows, extensive web exploration, and numerous product demonstrations, IAK Resources AG struggled to find a project management solution that met their complex needs. Their quest ended successfully with the evaluation of Cerri Project, which proved to be a game-changer. Referred to by their team as the “Swiss Army Knife” of project management, Cerri Project offered a comprehensive, web-based platform capable of addressing all their challenges. Although initially requiring a shift in their work practices, Cerri Project rapidly enhanced productivity and streamlined operations across multiple projects and sub-projects. It also improved the daily management within projects themselves, providing IAK with a centralized system that optimized resource utilization and planning. 


Cerri Project provided IAK Resources AG with a competitively priced and highly adaptable project management solution, streamlining their invoicing system, enhancing on-site project evaluations, and improving overall decision-making capabilities. In the dynamic raw materials industry, the platform quickly adapted to operational changes, maintaining rigorous control over project costs and objectives. Cerri Project also facilitated robust risk analysis with what-if scenarios, optimized document management, and streamlined task distribution and planning processes. Its customizable dashboards and reporting tools added significant value by enabling precise, secure data management tailored to IAK’s specific needs.

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