Intelligent time tracking for focused productivity

No more time wasted logging hours thanks to an intuitive system that enable timesheets to be pre-filled with calendar data. Built for ease of use; sharing and reporting effort has never been so simple. Detailed down to periods, projects and users; real time updating offers a global insight into resource allocation for more productive planning.

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  • Log time per task
    and complete tasks
  • Access daily / weekly
    timesheet detail
  • Create new tasks
  • Log time off requests

Key Features

Time App saves you time on your timesheets

  • Accuracy

    Existing data from your calendar is pulled directly into your timesheet so you don’t duplicate logs and avoid discrepancies.

  • Efficiency

    An intuitive system allows you to pull together your daily or weekly timesheets from lists of current tasks and projects. Effortless time logging so you avoid losing time entering time.

  • Task creation

    Need to log hours for a task not yet created on the platform? Time app allows you to create new tasks directly from your timesheet so you can continue logging effort uninterrupted and avoid wasting time switching apps.

  • Simultaneous updates

    Any updates in your timesheet automatically updates actual effort across all apps in real time across all apps. Time also allows you to directly mark tasks as completed ensuring stakeholders have an updated view at all times.

  • Exporting and reporting

    Flexible options allow you to print or export your timesheets as excel, csv or PDF files. Access a history of all your timesheets for quick reporting or for your own record.

  • Commenting

    Add comments or notes as needed to any time log; to share necessary detail or extra information to your manager without cluttering your timesheet. Or use them to create reminders for yourself.

Cerri platform

“Time“ is 1 of 7 interconnected apps that work together to bring you a global project collaboration platform, and independently to let you focus on the work that needs to get done.

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