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Get an instant snapshot of your current work. Visualize your workflows, get a pulse on project and team progress, be agile, take action directly and improve productivity in this efficiently simple Kanban platform

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  • Plan projects
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  • Track project
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    task detail
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Key Features

To Do, Doing, Done! Stay on top of your workflow with simplified visual project planning

  • Controlling workflow

    Visualizing the different phases of your projects offers a global view of your current situation. As task cards move from one column to the other; observe developments, watch progress and assess any red flags to react with agility.

  • Organizing

    Create boards from existing or new projects, personalize columns as needed, add tasks modify team members. Update statuses by simply dragging and dropping cards across columns. Visualise and access your entire workflow in a single view.

  • Collaborating

    Real-time communication. Add members to boards or assign tasks, edit permissions, leave comments or share files, follow team progress and statuses.

  • Managing tasks

    Direct access to task cards allow you to create and modify freely. Change priorities, up date effort, add assignees, include files… the full range of functionality is available for you to make on the spot modifications.

  • Planning

    A bird’s eye view of all your entire project workflow and current status. All vital data is at the touch of your fingers from task progress to team performance to project health in general. High visibility allows for fast reaction and more efficient planning.

  • Tracking effort

    Always have a realistic view of how much work there is. Weighing workload by looking at the number of tasks can be misleading; that’s why Kanban calculates the total hours of effort for each column for you to put a real value to the workload in each phase.

Cerri platform

“Kanban“ is 1 of 7 interconnected apps that work together to bring you a global project collaboration platform, and independently to let you focus on the work that needs to get done.

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