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Plan your workload and priorities visually. Master your deadlines, stay on top of what work needs to be done when, manage remaining effort and leverage your availabilities. Schedule your way to optimal productivity.

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Key Features

Stay on top of your commitments, assignments and deadlines with expert scheduling.

  • Planning priorities

    Schedule your day’s work according to task deadlines and priorities. Calendar pulls critical information for you so you can see on a daily basis what is due and spot any red flags beforehand.

  • Scheduling

    Don’t waste time thinking of what needs to be planned. Calendar allows you to simply drag tasks into your schedule from a list of your current assignments.

  • Creating and completing tasks

    Add a new task while you are scheduling by creating it directly within your calendar. Add task information or go back later for details. You can also directly mark tasks as completed ensuring stakeholders have an updated view at all times.

  • Tracking effort

    Scheduling time for a task automatically updates the total remaining effort to plan in a task card, so that you never over or under allocate your time.

  • Real time updates

    All modifications made within your calendar will be reflected in real time in your Task and Time apps for greater accuracy and to avoid duplicating work.

  • Connecting calendars

    Connect your calendars with your Cerri calendar for a more global and realistic view of your commitments and availabilities. Plan more efficiently while never missing a meeting or deadline.

Cerri platform

“Calendar“ is 1 of 7 interconnected apps that work together to bring you a global project collaboration platform, and independently to let you focus on the work that needs to get done.

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