Project Performance Management

Where the tip of the iceberg ends and true project analytics begins During the last 10 years Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology has greatly matured to facilitate the challenge of managing project information, improving collaboration among stakeholders and delivering critical status reports for multi-project environments.  Like so many enterprise systems, PPM solutions are excellent … Read more Project Performance Management

Managing the Project Document

The importance of an effective document management strategy for project success Introduction During the life cycle of a typical project, a project manager can produce up to fifty different types of documents to facilitate the planning, tracking and reporting of the project.  Documents range from feasibility studies, resource plans, financial plans and project plans, to … Read more Managing the Project Document

PPM Software Deployment Guide

Preparing your organisation for success    Abstract Once the best fitting project portfolio management (PPM) software has been selected, an organisation must then proceed to applying the knowledge it acquired during the evaluation process to ensure the efficient implementation of the selected technology to its environment. For many organisations, the key to successfully deploying enterprise … Read more PPM Software Deployment Guide

The 10 Best Project Management Software for 2022

What is project management software? Project management (PM) software is essentially designed to simplify team collaboration and the organization of the work and resources required to successfully achieve projects within company objectives. The purpose of PM software is to provide a single platform where project managers, stakeholders and team members can navigate projects through their … Read more The 10 Best Project Management Software for 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Project Management

Assimilating the Concept Although the term has been around for several decades now; for many, it still holds a science fiction ring to it. With varying understandings and interpretations of the concept it’s no surprise that feelings towards AI continue to be vastly mixed, even today. On the one side, you have those worrying about … Read more Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Project Management

10 steps to optimally “manage” workload management

Getting in the right mindset Workload management is one of the crucial pillars of project management that is often underestimated and readily dismissed. One might argue that it’s just another aspect of routine work life that needs to be dealt with. But that right there, is the first critical mistake generally made when considering workload … Read more 10 steps to optimally “manage” workload management

Top three indicators that you’re ready for a project management tool

How do you know that excel and email no longer suffice? Project management is critical for an organisation of any size, for accomplishing goals and reaching new milestones. But the question remains, how do you know if your organisation is ready to take the plunge and invest in a project management tool? A business in … Read more Top three indicators that you’re ready for a project management tool

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